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Pendulux Atlas Wall Clock

Original Price $299.00
Current Price $269.10
SKU 40310103

As if transported from a mid-century aerospace laboratory, the Atlas Wall Clock indicates the time in a bold, industrial fashion. The solid domed glass crystal projects a magnified view of the Arabic dial with distinctive slotted hour and minute hands. A bold red seconds hand circles the dial in a smooth, sweeping motion, just like electric clocks from the 1950s.

  • Material: Solid cast aluminum and heavy convex glass lens
  • Dimensions: 12" Dia x 3.5" D

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne in one room with a large box of spare parts and tools. Odds are you might find some pretty amazing things created between the three of them. From this sort of practical genius, PENDULUX designs useful products which stoke the imagination and satisfy the soul.

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