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Orrefors Erik 3 Piece set (2 DOF & Decanter)

Original Price $185.00
Current Price $157.20
SKU 6242405

The Erik 3 Piece Set from Orrefors consists of one decanter and two DOF glasses. A perfect set for all whiskey enthusiasts appreciating modern 70s design distinguished by Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines. The decanter, holding 26 oz, allows the spirit to interact with oxygen which makes it easier for more nuanced aromas to develop. Serve spirits in the included Double Old Fashioned glasses, holding 12 oz. Designed by Olle Alberius.

Erik Decanter Set is perfect for storing spirits such as Rye, Whiskey, Brandy, and Bourbon. The including DOF glasses are ideal for serving these spirits as well as cocktails such as Margarita and Double Old Fashioned.

  • H: 9.25
  • W: 5.33
  • 26.0 oz.
  • #6242405

Following the journey of glass from a syrupy, molten state to glittering crystal is a spectacular sight that takes place in the Orrefors hot shops every day.

Designers, glassblowers, cutters, painters and engravers play their part in this skilled work every day, and each glass from Orrefors is a unique and sophisticated piece of craftsmanship. By the time the finished glass leaves the glassworks, no fewer than 15 different people have contributed to the production process.