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Orrefors Bloom Vase High

Original Price $275.00
Current Price $233.70
SKU 6400026

It is a universal truth that opposites attract and create harmony. Hot and cold, soft and hard, black and white. One needs the other to be whole. When designer Lisa Hilland was asked to design a vase for Orrefors, something that would be equally beautiful without flowers, she chose to use metal for contrast with the softness of the crystal. Bloom is inspired by the organic shapes of nature, by flowers and leaves. The new arrival to the collection this year is a tall vase for cut flowers, a vase which can also be used for dried flowers or a simple branch from the garden. Like the short vase, this vase is equally beautiful with a lush bouquet or a simple ivy clipping. The vases are also lovely standing on their own, with only the light dancing in the crystal glass.
• A stainless steel structure holds the flowers in place to create exciting floral arrangements
• Combine the tall and short vase for intriguing groupings
• Beautiful with lush floral arrangements or one single stem
• Unique design

Size (H x W): 11.18 x 9.06"

Following the journey of glass from a syrupy, molten state to glittering crystal is a spectacular sight that takes place in the Orrefors hot shops every day.

Designers, glassblowers, cutters, painters and engravers play their part in this skilled work every day, and each glass from Orrefors is a unique and sophisticated piece of craftsmanship. By the time the finished glass leaves the glassworks, no fewer than 15 different people have contributed to the production process.