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Arthur Court Glass Butter Dish - Magnolia

SKU 441M23
Introducing the Arthur Court Glass Butter Dish with Lid - a graceful fusion of Southern charm and practicality, perfect for your dining table. This splendid 2-piece butter keeper is designed to cover and hold a standard stick of butter, ensuring its freshness and readiness for every meal. The star of this timeless piece is the exquisite magnolia flower knob, masterfully crafted to embody the essence of Spring and Southern hospitality. The delicate petals and lifelike details not only act as a functional handle but also bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your table setting. Made from premium-quality glass, this butter dish showcases your butter with crystal-clear visibility, allowing you to easily monitor the remaining quantity without lifting the lid. The robust glass base is dishwasher safe, and its resistance to chipping and cracking ensures durability for everyday use.

Size: 6.75 Long x 5.5 Wide x 4.25 Tall
Care: Hand wash Lid - Glass Dish Dishwasher Safe

Arthur Court Designs has always been at the forefront of innovative designs and function. With a flair for the whimsy and a passion for nature, our designs have become a timeless addition to the countless connoisseurs who continue to add to their collections with each new introduction. All our products are designed in California and hand-made by our artisans around the world. Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.