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Italianissimo Scribble - Murano Glass Necklace - Pink Lady

Original Price $110.00
Current Price $85.00
SKU JC-915-F46

art to wear modern murano glass necklace
colorful handmade line drawing murano glass pendant
on luxurious BLACK TUBINO necklace

make a statement with this fun SCRIBBLE face necklace:
have fun with this PINK LADY murano glass pendant
or wear your TUBINO alone for simple understated elegance

very Italian design 100% Made in Italy by ITALIANISSIMO®
YOU can easily cut any TUBINO for your own custom fit

JC-915-F13 or JC-915-F13A
pendant: pink, blue, black
pendant: 60mm x 50mm (2.4" x 2" ~)
length: 18 inch~
tubino: black matte | 14mm silver metal link

ITALIANISSIMO® translates to "very Italian" and is the essence of what we represent. Shop our easy to wear collection of luxuriously soft Italian rubber bracelets and necklaces that link together with an array of beads in nickel-free metal and handmade Murano glass. TUBINO offers unlimited creativity and endless combinations of colors and styles. Modern, versatile and chic, TUBINO is also easily cut for a custom fit.