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Pendulux Geneva Photo Frame Large

Original Price $139.00
Current Price $125.10
SKU 40410031

Solid nickel plated & polished cast brass, heavy beveled glass, 8" X 10".

A precision 19th Century Swiss watchmaker's tool is enlarged to support your favorite family photographs in a distinctive and sophisticated manner. Originally intended as a staking tool for intricate mechanical watch repair, the precision brass jaws sandwich a thick beveled glass frame to a stiff felt covered backing, with your photograph securely held in between. Glass frames can be positioned vertically or horizontally to accommodate different formats. Three heavy turned brass legs hold the stand level on your mantel or table. Rubber tips protect furniture.

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne in one room with a large box of spare parts and tools. Odds are you might find some pretty amazing things created between the three of them. From this sort of practical genius, PENDULUX designs useful products which stoke the imagination and satisfy the soul.

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