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Mariposa Signature Luncheon Napkin Box

Original Price $52.00
Current Price $49.99
SKU 4800-L

The Signature Luncheon Napkin Box provides a larger version of our traditional 6" Napkin Boxes providing flexibilty for larger 7" Lunch or casual Dinner Napkins. Our Signature Collection is known for its classic in design and sleek in nature style, and lends itself to a to any occassion. Add a personal touch by serving up napkins in any print or pattern using this timeless piece. Box comes with a cardboard insert and without napkins. Signature Napkin Box is handcrafted from 100% recycled aluminum.

At Mariposa, we celebrate the passion of food and the splendor of making others feel at home. In short, we have a gift for entertaining. Our unique Collections are a result of our own innovative designers collaborating with superior artisans worldwide to bring the best of foreign cultures back home. 

Select from high art to whimsical, at a variety of affordable price points. 

The majority of our designs are crafted from 100% recycled materials, thereby giving the planet a good return along the way.