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Crislu Brilliant Halo Ring - Size 7

by Crislu
SKU 909519R70CZ
This modern design is a true classic - perfect for those in search of a sustainable alternative to diamonds that can be worn everyday.
An environmentally and socially responsible ring that is crafted using flawless cubic zirconia stones which possess the same sparkle and nearly the same hardness as a diamond.
Carat total weight: 1.2
.925 sterling silver finished in pure platinum
100% hypoallergenic

CRISLU is a brand dedicated to creating exquisite classic and contemporary jewelry collections that offers women a range of high style designs, unparalleled quality and unprecedented affordability. CRISLU boasts incredible craftsmanship, unparalleled quality, stunning design and remarkable value, making CRISLU the jewelry brand every woman can wear. CRISLU'S Cubic Zirconia stones are cut into a total of 58 facets, giving CRISLU Cubic Zirconia the same reflective qualities as a diamond. All Crislu is not returnable, final sale. Crislu Warranty & Repairs

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