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Cascade Fountain by Viz Glass F887

Original Price $480.00
Current Price $384.00

The 8 inch glass dishes in this fountain steer the water gently from top to bottom into the hand-blown bowl at the bottom of this decorative water feature. The cord and water tube follow a path out of a hole in the back of the bottom bowl to hide them from sight in the front. The softer sounds of this fountain are a great addition to a patio area.

The widest bowl is about 14” inches.

The product lends back about a foot and half to two feet.

The height is between a foot and half and 2 feet.

*as with all art glass please keep in mind these measurements are approximate

Viz Glass Code: F887

Viz Glass is a pioneer and leader in the glass art industry. Viz is known for their Wall Art and Chandeliers. Every piece Viz Glass creates is an individually hand blown one of a kind art object for the home, business, and collectors, offered at a price point that is unparalleled and seldom seen before in the market place. Since every piece is individually crafted it may vary in color and size from the picture shown online. Return Policy