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Beatriz Ball FRAME Rea Scalloped 5x7 6870

Original Price $116.00
Current Price $98.60
SKU 6870
Flirty curves and crisp detailing distinguish Beatriz Ball's Rea Scalloped Frame. Carefully hand-polished surface enhances your favorite 5x7 vertical or horizontal photo, and makes a stunning statement when displayed on the mantle, desk ,or shelf. Makes a fine wedding gift, and the ideal solution whenever a silver frame is called for. Sand cast and hand polished, the frame is made of an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy.

Dimensions: 10 x 8 1/4 x 1/4

Beatriz Ball Item Number: 6870


Beautiful pieces BY BEATRIZ BALL that make great gifts and adored heirlooms. Every tableware & home decor piece is designed to be unique, functional & a work of art. Unique Designs. In a world of mass production, handmade is the true luxury. Never tarnishes, easy care.

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